Cookie Jam Level 3624 Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and more

Cookie Jam Level 3624
Target – 15 Crumble, 55 Yellow Ingredients, 4 Cream and 4 Cinnamon
Moves – 26
Colors – 6
Cookie Colors – Purple Ingredients, Yellow Ingredients, Red Ingredients, Orange Ingredients, Green Ingredients and Blue Ingredients

Main objective –

Goal of Cookie Jam Level 3624 is to match 3 or more ingredients of same color(7 Pink Mix Red Cakes) available in the play field and also to using 26 or less moves.

Tips and Tricks to Beat Cookie Jam Level 3624

1) In Level 3624 of Cookie Jam Match 3 of the same 7 Pink Mix Red Cakes color to collect them.

2) In Level 3624 of Cookie Jam Match 4 or 5 of the same(7 Pink Mix Red Cakes) to create special bonus ingredients.

3) Cookie Jam Level 3624 Combine special ingredients for greater effects.

4) Cookie Jam Level 3624 To crumble some immovable ingredients. Create a match next to them.

5) Keep making matches untill the recipe is complete in Cookie Jam Level 3624

6) Earning at least one star on a level unlocks the next challenge in Cookie Jam Level 3624

Here is an image of how Cookie Jam Level 3624 looks like

Cookie Jam Level 3624 Help – Video Walkthrough

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