Fishdom Level 1124 Tips, Hints, strategy and Walkthrough

Walkthrough for the Level 1124 of Fishdom

Target Required – 8 Collect Pearls and 11 Collect Gold Nuggets
No of moves present – 1.25 Seconds
No of tiles present – 5
No of Coloured Particles – Blue Pieces, Red Pieces, White Pieces, Green Pieces and Yellow Pieces
Play Fishdom on:
Android –
iTunes –
No of stars Required – One
Different Type of Goals you will find in Level 1124 of Fishdom –
a) Clear all the tiles
b) Collect all the Gold nuggets
c) Collect All Pearls

How to beat Level 1124 of Fishdom?

Watch the strategy to beat Fishdom Level 1124

A) In Level 1124 of Fishdom make combinations at the bottom of the playing field
B) Combine more than three tiles for special moves/boosters in Level 1124 of Fishdom
C) In Fishdom Level 1124 restore your fish health with the Food button
D) You should try to match at least four pieces to get the firecracker in Fishdom Level 1124
E) In Level 1124 remember that power ups can be manually detonated
F) Manage to match six pieces to get the dynamite which covers even more ground than the bomb in Level 1124
G) In Fishdom Level 1124 always keep buying things for your aquarium
H) Feed your fish as they occasionally drops coins for you to collect in Level 1124 of Fishdom
I) Clear earth tiles by making matches next to them in Fishdom Level 1124

Boosters which help you clear Level 1124 of Fishdom –

a) In Level 1124 of Fishdom match four tiles of the same color and you’ll receive the Firecracker Booster
b) Match five tiles of the same color in Fishdom Level 1124 and you’ll receive the bomb booster
c) In Fishdom Level 1124 match six tiles of the same color and you’ll receive the Dynamite Booster
d) In Level 1124 of Fishdom match seven tiles in the playing field and you’ll receive the Warhead Booster
e) Using Lightning Booster will remove all the pieces of one color in the playing field in Fishdom Level 1124

This image shows players the layout how Fishdom Level 1124 looks like

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Supported Android or Apple Devices for Fishdom Level 1124 –

a) Android Devices – Own a processor built on ARMv7 architecture
Support OpenGL ES 1.0
Support a 310×480 resolution or higher
Run on Android OS 1.3 or higher
b) Apple Devices – iOS version 6.0 or later on the following models:
iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and later models
iPad 1 and later models
iPad Mini
iPod Touch 4th generation and later

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