Tips, Hints, strategy and Walkthrough for Wildscapes Level 329

Walkthrough for the Level 329 of Wildscapes

Goal of this Level – 29 Ostriches and 3 Teddy Bear
No of moves present – 46
No of colour juicy and fruity items present – 5
No of stars Required – One
Play Wildscapes on:
Android –
iTunes –
Different Type of Goals you will find in Level 329 of Wildscapes –
a) Score points
b) Clearing Tiles
c) Bringing Water

How to beat Level 329 of Wildscapes?

This is the strategy that we used to beat this level

A) In Level 329 of Wildscapes check the goals before a level starts and try to remove the pieces that will help you beat the level faster.
B) Look carefully at the game field before starting and plan out your first moves rather than just making random matches in Level 329 of Wildscapes.
C) In Wildscapes Level 329 don’t always follow the hints suggested by the game, they’re not always your best options.
D) Try to make matches at the bottom of the field, since falling pieces increase your chances of getting automatic matches in Wildscapes Level 329
E) In Level 329 try to make bigger matches so you can get more powerful power-ups.
F) Try to use several power-ups at a time in Level 329
G) In Wildscapes Level 329 combine power-ups to increase their effect and remove more pieces.
H) In Wildscapes Level 329 it’s a good idea to double-check the situation on the field as you play to make sure your strategy is still working.
I) If there are obstacles in levels, see if you need to remove all of them in Wildscapes Level 329
J) In Wildscapes Level 329 try making power-ups, they help you win faster.
K) Most important tip is to take your time in Level 329 of Wildscapes

This video shows players the strategy to beat Wildscapes Level 329

Boosters which help you clear Level 329 of Wildscapes –

a) In Level 329 of Wildscapes you start the level with a Bucket of Candy placed randomly on the field.
b) Double Spinning Tops doubles all the Spinning Tops on the field in Level 329 of Wildscapes
c) In Wildscapes Level 329 you start the level with a Bag of Chips and a Can of Soda placed randomly on the field.
d) Hammer clears a piece from a cell or damages stronger obstacles in Wildscapes Level 329
e) In Level 329 Sledgehammer removes one entire row and column of elements, all at once.
f) In Wildscapes Level 329 glove allows you to swap two neighboring elements without using a move.

This picture shows players the layout how Wildscapes Level 329 looks like

Supported Android or Apple Devices for Wildscapes Level 329 –

a) Android Devices – Own a processor built on ARMv7 architecture
Support OpenGL ES 2.0
Support a 320×480 resolution or higher
Run on Android OS 2.3 or higher
b) Apple Devices – iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and later models
iPad 2 and later models
iPad Mini
iPod Touch 4th generation and later

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